About Tommy Moss

Atlanta native Tommy Moss is a mixed media artist and a former student of the Art Institute of Atlanta, the Atlanta College of Art, and Savannah College of art & Design/Atlanta. His distinctive, large scale assemblages move beyond traditional rectangle or square artworks. His colorful and textural creations are composed of hundreds of hand- painted “modules” (i.e. circles, cubes, spheres, etc.) Moss works with acrylic mediums on wood. Because his works are three dimensional, his work can be experienced from several vantage points.

“Aristotle once said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” With that sentiment in mind, I love creating hundreds of hand crafted pieces which stand alone as objects of art, but eventually come together to form large scale assemblages that are impactful from a distance yet keep the viewer engaged as they approach the artwork from any angle. Through colorful abstraction and organic compositions, I strive to achieve a sense of playfulness with my pieces. This play is influenced by the late Elizabeth Murray, Jean Dubuffet, Matisse, and Keith Haring. I find myself in constant search of new vocabulary and techniques. I strive to refine and define my own style through practice and experimentation.”